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Video Crew: Our Process (The Client Experience)

Video Crew: Our Process (The Client Experience)

We’ve been filming in Los Angeles and Orange County and all over the world for nearly two decades, and one thing never changes: The client experience – our commitment to the little things that matter. This ensures that filming in a celebrity home, office or studio is a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

When a production company prepares and films at a client’s location, the video crew must be considerate of not only the client’s time but the space they occupy. Think of the cable television installer or refrigerator repair person that trampled into your home with muddy boots or showed up late. Camera crews are subject to the same expectations of care.

 A proper film project begins with preparation. This normally starts with a phone call or email to coordinate the shot list and filming schedule.  For example, if we are filming a typical interview, 1.5 hours is normally minimum time to bring in the gear, light the shot, setup the cameras, set the audio, dress the background and solve any problems. Then there’s a discussion about the filming style, location, and logistics, including the area to load in our filming equipment and special contacts.

While an interview may only take an hour or so, preparing for the filming begins days in advance. This includes organizing equipment, testing the cameras, checking the list of required accessories, and securing backup equipment so that everything runs smoothly.

At the location, a table or chair will most likely need to be repositioned, as well as objects in the background, including pictures, plants or paperwork. (Upon completion, everything must be put back where it was originally found.)

Safety is the top priority. This means securing the lighting and stands with sandbags, taping down cables in walkways, and moving obstacles to allow a clear path.

Rolling the cameras on time is key. Yes, think about the client experience. The talent (interviewee) and the client depend on the crew to complete the filming within the time promised. Staying organized allows everyone involved to do their job and not overlook important elements, such as straightening the interviewee’s tie. Staying on schedule puts everyone at ease and gives us time allow a noisy fire truck to pass, for example.

Then we wrap. We check the recording and load out the equipment the same quiet and efficient way we loaded in. One final check of the space to make sure nothing is left behind, and off we go!