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Los Angeles video crews: We provide complete video production services in Los Angeles and Orange County for documentary interviews, b-roll, red carpets, commercials and corporate interviews. Many production companies in Los Angeles also refer to us to support their production needs.

Each member of our team has at least 10 years of experience filming for broadcast, films and corporations and have degrees in film from top universities.

Whether you require a skilled sound recordist, gaffer, or DP, we show up with top quality equipment and experience you can count on.

We also provide complete fixer field production services to organize all production needs.


Who We Work With

Experience Counts

Dependability is key
Oftentimes we will get a call from an out of state or overseas producer or organization looking for a good camera crew. We know the drill. We know what to ask and we know how to manage the details that are important to your celebrity interview or b-roll that has to be filmed just right.   

Good people
Frankly, without dedicated, smart, talented and easy to work with crewmembers, we wouldn’t be around to film for you very long. But we have been around for quite awhile and must be doing something right. We do love filming and working with great people and reflecting on a job well done.


Experience and the best equipment
We also provide complete production services, from storyboards and scriptwriting to filming and editing. These services include directing, casting, securing film locations and permits, art department services, craft services and more. We maintain our own cameras, sound, grip and lighting.

And if we don’t have it, we’ll get it. 

Creative Editing and Motion Graphics
After we film, we can follow through with creative post production services that include video editing, sound design, narration recording, motion graphics, color correction and finishing.